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University Council on Teacher Education

Conduct Board Appeal Process

  1. The University Council on Teacher Education (UCTE) will hear a candidate’s appeal of a PECB decision. A candidate may submit a written petition (e.g., via email) to appeal a decision to the Chair of UCTE within five business days of receiving notification of PECB’s decision. If the candidate does not appeal within five business days, the decision will be applied, and the case closed.
  1. In the petition, the candidate must explain why the decision is inappropriate or unreasonable and must include a compelling reason why the case should be reviewed by UCTE. The candidate may propose an alternate decision in the petition. The petition must be written by the candidate, who may consult with a University community member (e.g., adviser, program coordinator). The petition shall be limited to three typed double-spaced pages with one-inch margins and a 12-point font. At her or his discretion, the Chair may exclude all pages beyond the three-page limit or reject the petition if it appears not to have been prepared by the candidate.
  1. UCTE will review the petition and the PECB meeting minutes when making a decision whether or not to change PECB’s decision. The candidate will be notified by email when UCTE will meet to consider his or her petition. The candidate or other parties (e.g., student conduct advisor) may not attend the meeting.
  1. UCTE, by majority vote of a quorum of the members, may decide to uphold PECB’s decision or to change the decision to one of the available options. The Center for Excellence and Equity in Teacher Preparation will keep a record of all appeals decisions made by UCTE.
  1. The decision by UCTE is final. The Chair of UCTE or her/his designee shall notify the candidate via email the decision by UCTE within five business days after the UCTE meeting at which the candidate’s petition is considered. The notice will include the decision, the rationale for the decision, and if necessary when the decision will go into effect.