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University Council on Teacher Education

The mission of the University Council on Teacher Education (UCTE) includes the following:

  • To advise the Provost, the Faculty Senate, the deans of all colleges offering professional education programs and their faculties about all matters relating to professional education at the University.
  • To ensure that the University of Delaware offers only professional education programs of high quality that are in full compliance with State and national standards and with the University’s conceptual framework for professional education.
  • To advance communication and coordination among all faculties, cooperating practitioners, school administrators, teachers, and candidates in professional education programs at the University.
  • To develop, implement, and evaluate plans to support the University’s commitment to faculty and student diversity, and to the inclusion of diversity in academic program content.

The Council meets monthly to address items within the scope of its mission. All meetings are held at 200 Academy Street, Room 210 (the second floor conference room) and are open to anyone interested in attending.