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University Council on Teacher Education

Student Conduct Advisors

Students who have a case being reviewed by the Professional Education Conduct Board may choose to attend the Board meeting in which their case is being discussed. If they attend the Board meeting, they may invite a UD staff or faculty member from the list of approved student conduct advisors to join them at the meeting. The table below lists the approved advisors.

Advisors Affiliated Program Email
Jinfa Cai Secondary education jcai@udel.edu
Ali Alalou Secondary education alalou@udel.edu
Laura Eisenman Secondary education and graduate programs eisenman@udel.edu
Stephanie Kotch-Jester  Elementary education sakjstr@udel.edu
Dede Lilly  Elementary education dlilly@udel.edu
Tia Barnes Early childhood education tnbarnes@udel.edu
Lynn Worden Early childhood education worden@udel.edu

Role of the Advisor

It is recommended that students meet with their student conduct advisor prior to the meeting. The role of the student conduct advisor includes:

  • Advising the candidate on the presentation of the context of the violations(s) of the University of Delaware Student Code of Conduct,
  • Accompanying the candidate at his/her meeting with the Board, and/or
  • Advising the candidate in the preparation of an appeal.